The pleasure of simplicity

Freedom is a wonderful feeling, as is taking charge of your own life. Give your home that personal touch with ease and live as your heart desires. That’s just what ABB-free@home® offers, home automation for those who want freedom.

Music, wherever you relax

Tune in to your favourite radio station wherever you are. Play radio via the internet or from your iPhone*, iPod* or at When you’re ready for the concert to begin, just press the light switch and let the sound of the orchestra fill the room.

Relaxation at the touch of a button

With ComfortTouch, you can manage all of the systems in your home using just one control panel. You can even save your favourite settings, such as the perfect combination of light, temperature, blinds and music.

Romance is on the cards

From creating a warm atmosphere when entertaining guests to setting the mood with dimmed lights for a romantic evening for two, the ABB Dimmer is always ready to help

Recharge your devices too

No more searching for the right cable to charge your phone: you can now upgrade your power sockets with a USB port, with a choice between a simple USB port and a port with an integrated connector. So you can comfortably unplug from the day while your devices get charged and ready for tomorrow.